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Noise and Vibration

About Noise
We think the food waste disposer should  has "Little" noise  while running,it will help to distinguish  water-flowing sound and running noise.
Too Quiet Operation Problem of Food Waste Disposer
Too quiet operation, when the water is going,you are not sure it's really running,maybe you have to  turn the water off  to make sure it is  running, maybe you think it has stopped running and just turn the water off ,it bring some trouble to some users ,specially for old people or  dysaudia people.
More Humanization Design for Noise
Exceed Series food waste disposer allow to has "Little" noise based on humanization design to to avoid too quiet operation problem ,you can know if it is running upon "Little" noise even if the water is flowing, at the same time, you also  can hold a conversation easily with normal voice in the kitchen while the food waste disposer is operating.
About Vibration
In order to reduce the vibration as little as possible due to the high speed motor and grinding system, the dynamic balanced grade of our food waste disposer comes to G0.4,usually, better dynamic balance grade:G2.5,common dynamic balanced grade: G6.5. the dynamic balanced grade reference,please click.
Dynamic balanced Grade comes to G0.4, JUST ONE COMPANY among food waste disposer companies.




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