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About Us

Ningbo Clear Technology Co.,Ltd is an innovated technology leader in household food waste disposers, focus on innovative products that are thoughtfully designed, based on extensive consumer insight to meet the real needs of consumers.

Clear technology comes from U.S.,Clear technology team have ever worked in food waste disposer companies in U.S.and have more than fifty years experience in food waste disposer fields.
With continual innovation,We have developed the most advanced  food waste disposers in the world. our food waste disposers feature stylish,ultra-power,high efficiency,quiet operation,high quality and durability.
Ningbo Clear Technology Co.,Ltd has modern and advanced manufacturing facility in Ningbo,China, it helps us to provide the highest quality and cost-effecitve products to our customers.

Ningbo Clear Technology Co.,Ltd provides high standard customer serivce stystem to our worldwide customers.
Ningbo Port is the fifth largest port in the world, it will help us to deliver goods quickly to our worldwide customers.

Ningbo Clear Technology Co.,Ltd

   --------Technology from U.S., Assembly in China, Worldwide Service 

Ningbo Clear Technology Co.,Ltd---- one menber of Ningbo Junan Resources Co.,Ltd



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