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Foucs,Continous Innovation and Improvment,come to Global No.1 quality.

No.1 Choice of  Kitchen Waste Disposer in Global Market

Ningbo Clear Technology Co.,Ltd is one of global  leader in stylish,innovated and luxury kitchen food waste


disposer  with leading  technology,continuous improvement,extreme durability in China

CycloneTM Permanent Magnet DC Motor and Grinding System from our food waste disposer,is the most advanced 


driven motor and grinding system in the field of kitchen food waste disposer.

Durability----more than 10 years uselife,more than 800 hours continuous simulating load performance test
                  3-6 year warranty,no any hassle


Smart----unique smart food waste disposer with WIFI control

Bio-Gaurd--Eco-friendly antimicrobial agent  inhibit the growth of micro organisms and eliminate bacteria-caused odors


      smart food waste disposer-----Quality,Technology and Luxury 



To respected customers
Because our company policy includes a continuous commitment to improve our products to extreme,we reserve the right to change parts,materials and specifications,etc.


Regarding the following two products  recall incidents of food waste disposer, we solemnly declare 
that all our food waste disposers we sold to the global markets (including China Market),
NO design defect, NO quality defects, NO security problem due to installation or air switch, 
all our customers have no safety doubt and can safety use our food waste disposers.

Incident 1: 8th,July,2015, Some food waste disposers from Emerson Insinkerator (Nanjing) Co. Ltd .have security risks and 
                have been recalled when food waste disposers improperly installed or air switch damaged could cause a fire.

Incident 2: 3rd,Dec.,2015, Whirlpool Investment (china)Co. Ltd. recalled the food waste disposers of model of AMB505+7E, 
                 which have the security risks when food waste disposers improperly 
installed or 
                air switch damaged could cause a fire.




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