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Premium Service

  • CycloneTM Motor and System

    CycloneTM Permanent Magnet DC Motor and Grinding System   Cyclone TM permanent DC motor has feature of ultra-power,high efficiency come to 80%,has 25% stronger torque than other brands from U.S.,30% stronger torque than AC induction motors. Cyclone TM grinding system can grind efficiently the toughest rib bone,more faster and finer than any other brand food waste disposers in the market,safe for any properly size septic system,also wear-resistant,corrosion-proof and long life

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    BIO GUARD(Antimicrobial Agent) is  permanently  molded into the components of our food waste disposer,inhibit the growth of a wide range of micro organisms and eliminate bacteria-caused odors,bring great sanitation and health to family. for free charge.

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    Unique NOISE-SHIELD to isolate noise to outside

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     OIL COMB(the highest grade fiber oil from U.S.) keep porous bearing lubricated during ten years use,for free charge.

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  • Super Seal

    Super Seal to avoid leakage for ten years. X seal  for hopper and drain housing to replace O-ring. Triple  skeleton seal for space seal to replace single seal,free charge.   

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  • Laser Cut with Logo

    Sinkflange surface laser-cut with logo service Button Surface of air switch with logo service

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  • 3M Protective Film for Sinkflange

     3M Protective Film for Round or Square Sinkflange,protect the surface of sinklange, not be scraped

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  • Polish Al Mounting Ring

     Al mounting ring surface with Polishing process,look more high-end  

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  • High Grade Surface for Air Switch Button

    The Highest Grade Surface for  Air Switch Button

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